Cranksgiving Tulsa

November 14th, 2020

Guthrie Green

Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020 - Virtual Extension

We have extended your opportunity to participate in Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020

You now have the rest of November to participate in Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020 Virtual Event. Simply follow the instructions to sign-up below and we will email the manifest to you. Take your famility for an outing around Tulsa and learn a few things or explore places you have never been.

  • Donate.
  • Sign up.
  • Check your email for the manifest.
  • Explore Tulsa.
  • Return your manifest or answer sheet by midnight, November 14th.
  • Tell your friends.

Fun. Family. Bikes. Tulsa. Exploring. Learning.

See the sights, learn something new, participate in multiple community events, and raise money for a great cause – all while using people powered transportation during Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020.

Cranksgiving Tulsa is a people-powered food-drive. Part bike/walk/run/scooter. Part food drive. Part scavenger hunt. During Cranksgiving Tulsa you will bike, walk, run, skate, scooter, skateboard, or cartwheel to various sites and perform various activities to earn points and raise money for the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma .

There are challenges for all skill levels, experience, and endurance. Bring a friend. Bring your neighbor. Bring your entire family. Enjoy the time outdoors in scenic Tulsa Oklahoma.


Participating in Cranksgiving Tulsa takes just a few easy steps:

  • Step 1: Make a donation to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. $5 minimum.
  • Step 2: Register for Cranksgiving Tulsa. (Free)
  • Step 3: Get your manifest.
    • Download from this website or check your email starting at 8am.
    • Pickup a printed manifest between 10am and Noon at Guthrie Green.
  • Step 4: Go find stuff.
  • Step 5: Check-in before 2pm at Guthrie Green or online.

Payments will not be accepted at the event. Donations must be made online prior to registering for Cranksgiving Tulsa.


8:00amManifest Available. Download yours and start planning your route.
10:00am – NoonRolling Start, Guthrie Green, Downtown Tulsa.
Noon - 2:00pmRolling Finish, Guthrie Green, Downtown Tulsa.
10:00amGroup ride to Reasor’s lead by This Machine Tulsa.
Noon-ishRaffle drawing. Winners will pick up their prize at check-in.
2:00pmCheck-in ends. Virtual event ends.
2:30-3:00Winners announced. Awards can be picked up at Guthrie Green or arangements made for Monday pickup downtown.

Ways to Participate

Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020 is a basic scavenger hunt where you find locations around Tulsa. At 8am Saturday morning you will be able to get your manifest.

Traditional (yet socially distanced): Check in at Guthrie Green between 10am and Noon. Return your completed manifest between Noon and 2pm. All places visited are outside.

Casual Ride: Join This Machine Tulsa for their Cranksgiving Grocery Ride at 10am. You can be done after that or continue to gain more points.

100% Virtual: No need to check in at Guthrie Green if you select the virtual option when you register. Download and print your manifest and map and find places on your own.

One possible destination on your manifest.


The Cranksgiving Tulsa manifest will have a list of places to visit and questions to answer. Every question can be answered by something at that location. Points are awarded for each correct answer. Some questions will be worth more points.

Your manifest will include a map to help plan your route.

The Manifest will be available here at 8:00am.

You must return to the finish line by 2:00pm to get credit.

Sample manifest from pre-first-anual Cranksgiving Tulsa 2019

Tulsa’s Evolving Bicycle Network

Bicycle Lanes (aka Small Vehicle Lanes) are appearing in more and more places around Tulsa. Some are so new they are not yet shown on Google Maps or INCOG’s 918 Trails map.

Recently added bicycle lanes are located at:

  • 11th Street – Utica to 129th East Ave.
  • Pine - Gilcrease Museum Rd to Memorial.
  • N Main - Haskell to Pine.
  • Charles Page Blvd - 65th W Ave to Houston Ave.
  • Note: Some areas are still work in progress.

Work has begun on even more:

  • Houston - Riverside Drive to Heavy Traffic Way.
  • 6th St. - Boulder to South Delaware Ave.

Pro Tip: Download the 918 Trails map and locate these new bicycle lanes. There will likely be some destinations nearby.

Construction crews update the lane configuration on Pine to improve safety for all users.

Coronavirus Precautions

It is a difficult time to host and attend group events. Cranksgiving Tulsa is taking special precautions to lower the risks of transmission and following the guidance of the Tulsa Health Department.

  • Entirely outdoor options.
  • Virtual Option.
  • Small group size.
  • Masks required at all times.
  • Masks and hand sanitizer available.

If any participant is sick, exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, or has been in close contact with a person with C-19 they must stay home and self-quarantine.

If at any time the organizers and partners feel conditions become unsafe for participants or volunteers, the event will be cancelled.

Group Grocery Ride

This Machine Tulsa is hosting a group ride if you are interested in a casual ride to purchase food. This Machine will have their electric-assist bicycles available for rent at Guthrie Green. The group will ride to Reasor’s Grocery at 15th & Lewis Ave. to purchase groceries for donation to the Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma. This Machine will have a trailer available to help carry your purchases back to Guthrie Green.

Bonus: If 25 people participate in the group ride, each person will get 10 bonus points. Tell your friends.

Virtual Option

Cranksgiving Tulsa 2020 will include a complete virtual option if you want to stay in your neighborhood or out of town. The virtual option will include:

  • Get signed up with a donation and event registration.
  • Download and print the manifest starting at 8:00am.
  • Tackle as many tasks as you can in your area. Fill out your manifest.
  • Submit a photograph of your manifest by 2:00pm. Instructions will be on the manifest.
  • Make sure you have one or more social media accounts – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Downtown Deco Bike Challenge

Ride downtown using the new bike lanes and Price Family Properties will donate $100 to the Tulsa Area United Way

How to participate:

  • Gear up on Saturday, November 14 between 8 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
  • Use the new bike lanes going downtown near 6th & Main
  • Drive under the balloon arch and $100 will be donated
  • Grab a raffle ticket and visit any of the listed Price Family Property locations for a chance to win gift cards to your favorite downtown places
  • The first 20 participants each hour will get a free cup of coffee from Topeca Coffee

Note: All people-powered transportation types encouraged to join the fundraiser!

There is a high likelyhood this event will be listed on your manifest. Maybe.

Rules & Guidelines

Without rules, there would just be chaos. The rules are:

  • This is not a race or a timed event. However, there is a cutoff for collecting and reporting points so the volunteers can go home.
  • Follow the rules of the road establish by the State of Oklahoma, City of Tulsa, and good kind responsible citizenship.
    • Ride, skate, scooter on the right. Walk, run on the left.
    • Obey stop signs and traffic signals.
    • You are on open roads in public places. Stay aware.
  • No littering.
  • Smile.

Partners & Sponsors

We are truly grateful to the partners and sponsors who have provided supplies, time, and fun events to make Cranksgiving Tulsa a success.

Cranksgiving is a national event that occurs in over 100 cities across the United States. We owe a special thanks to the people at for helping with ideas, suggestions, and safety precautions for Cranksgiving Tulsa.